Geocoin Displayers

This is a step by step description of how I create my Geocoin CD Displayers

Step One:
Find an old CD Case.

Step Two:
Remove the insides.

Step Three:
Select your coin.

Step Four:
Cut a piece of cardboard to fit inside the bottom half of the CD case.

Step Five:
Draw the outline of the coin.

Step Six:
Cut out the center of the cardboard where your coin will go.
Remember to cut just inside the line to ensure a snug fit.

Step Seven:
Insert your coin to ensure proper fit

Step Eight:
Paint the cardboard in whatever color you prefer.
For the sake of the picture, and time, I simply used Black Permanent Marker.

Step Nine:
Insert into CD Case, and insert your coin.

Step Ten:
Seal the case with whatever glue you would prefer.
I personally use hot glue gun.

And there you go!
Ten easy steps toward a beautiful geocoin displayer.

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